House Rules

The following house rules are lifted from The Black Company Campaign Setting (Green Ronin Publishing):

Lethal Surprise Round

All damage dealt during the surprise round goes straight to Constitution. The quick math is for every 2 points of Con Damage, you take a -1 penalty to Fort Saves, Concentration checks, Resistance checks and lose 1 hit point per level. Over 18 points of Con damage usually results in death.

Deadly Massive Damage Threshold

Characters are much less likely to walk away from a bad hit. All character’s have a massive damage threshold. This value equals their Constitution score. Thus, a 5th-level character with a 16 Constitution has a massive damage threshold of 16. If a single attack deals lethal damage equal to or greater than the character’s massive damage threshold, that character must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 15 + 1 per 5 points of damage). On a successful save, there is no additional effect. However, on a failed save by 5 or less, the character’s hit points fall to 0 and the character becomes disabled. On a failed save by 6 or more, the character’s hit points fall to 0, but the character is unconscious and dying. Furthermore, the character must roll on Table: Grievous Injuries. (see page 130 of BCCS)

Slower Casting Times

Spellcasters are far slower in casting spells than they are in the default rules. In some ways, this puts more emphasis on the character’s healer, while minimizing the effect of a wizard on this regard. Spellcasters must prepare more spells in advance, and have to be careful when planning their effects.

Slower Cast Times

Total Magic Use DC minus Aptitude Casting Time*
0 or less Swift Action**
1-5 1 standard action
6-10 1 full-round action
11-15 5 full-round actions
16-20 1 minute
21-30 10 minutes
31-40 1 hour
41-50 12 hours
51-60 1 day
61-70 3 days
71-80 1 week
81-90 2 weeks
91-100 1 month
+10 +1 month

  • Aptitude equals the spellcaster’s ranks in Magic Use + the Magnitude modifier.
    • See Swift Action sidebar on page 152 (BCCS) for details.

House Rules

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