Character Creation

Step 1 – Determine Ability Scores

This campaign will use the Standard method of generating ability scores as detailed in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

Step 2 – Pick Your Race

This is easy: Human. Instead of a multitude of fantasy races, players will choose two Traits from the Advanced Player’s Guide to customize their PCs.

Another option, but extremely rare is the Trollborn. Trollborn are human but use Half-Orc racial traits. They do not choose Traits (APG) as full humans do.

Step 3 – Pick Your Class

Most characters should be warriors, and most warriors should be Fighters. Leadership is recommended for Fighters.

A character with rural or wilderness background Traits, could choose Ranger as a class. However, some adjustments will be needed. The Skirmisher from the Advanced Player’s Guide is a good option. Also, The Genius Guide to Archer Archetypes has rules for replacing the Ranger’s spellcasting abilities with more appropriate options. Leadership is also recommended for the Ranger.

Barbarian represents the infamous berserker. Barbarians are too uncontrollable for the Leadership feat.

I’m working on a runecaster class, but it will be for NPCs, not PCs.

Rogue is also available.

Step 4 – Pick Skills and Select Feats

Spellcraft is inappropriate for PCs.

Step 5 – Buy Equipment

Some items are not available.

No Blowguns, no composite longbows, no crossbows
No lance
No greatsword, no scimitar

No heavy armor available
No scale mail

Goods and Services
Adventuring Gear: No block and tackle, no ink or inkpen, no lanterns, only simple locks available, no paper or parchment, no silk rope, only hemp rope, no spyglass, no water clock
Tools and Skill Kits: No thieves’ tools
Food, Drink, and Lodging: No Inns.
Mounts and Related Gear: No Barding.
Transport: No carriages, galleys

Step 6 – Finishing Details

Random Height And Weight
Human (Male/Female)
- Urban background -
Base Height: 4 ft. 7 in. / 4 ft. 5 in.
Base Weight: 80 lb. / 70 lb.
Modifier: 2d10
Weight Multiplier: x5 lb.

- Rural/Wild background -
Base Height: 4 ft. 9 in. / 4 ft. 7 in.
Base Weight: 90 lb. / 80 lb.
Modifier: 2d10
Weight Multiplier: x5 lb.

Trollborn (Male/Female)
Base Height: 4 ft. 10 in. / 4 ft. 5 in.
Base Weight: 150 lb. / 110 lb.
Modifier: 2d12
Weight Multiplier: x7 lb.

Hair Color
Men’s hair is shoulder-length, women’s hair to the waist. Most hair is mid-brown to white-blond. Red is not uncommon. Dark-haired characters are not trusted.

Men grow beards – some neatly trimmed, some longer.

Random Hair Color (3d6)
3 black or dark brown
4-5 mid-brown
6-8 light brown
9-11 sandy
12-13 red
14-15 corn-blond
16-17 light blond
18 white

Eye Color
Most have blue eyes. Darker hair colors have gray, amber or light brown eyes. Green is also possible and a striking feature.

There is a great resource here for names. Nicknames are appropriate, too – though perhaps better added during play. A Ranger, for example, might be called Lodestone, Truesteer, or Beastfriend.

Any age 12 and up is appropriate. Any starting character over 18, though, must be a mother’s boy.

Social Class
PCs are assumed to be the children of free farmers, comfortable. This could be changed by taking the appropriate Trait, but should never begin as a slave.

Character Creation

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